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dual intial pinch planetary

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4roll Conical Bending Machine

Plate pre-bending technology to perform always the best roundness accuracy

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HEB IPE UNP Section Bending Machine

Heavy Duty  Section Bending Roll  with tooling  to roll H I  U  beam on the hard side.   Equipped with rapid setting adjustable rollers, Traction heads  pre-tensioning the symmetry of the beam,  side support to guide the profile straightness all along the bending operation

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    Since the early 90ties

    Roll Bending Machines

    Roll bending machines since the early 90ties. Quality research for the best technology. Continuous growth with professional passion and dedication. Committed to provide products and services which meet our customers requirement. 30 years of rolling machines all over around the world.

    Screw conveyors, augers, screw piles,

    Helix Forming Machine

    Forming machines for manufacturing screw feeders and conveyors, screw flights – helix flight, helical tools ground drilling auger cleaning device debris removal, _ custom configuration click “KNOW MORE”

    <h2>Helix Forming Machine</h2>

    Bending roll machine featured

    page1 2018 Dual Initial Pinch Plate Prebend
    screw flight helix-screw
    140 Section Bending  Machine  customized rollers configuration Section bending mc 3 and 4 Roll prepinch
    H360  bending hard-side Section Bending Machine
    Rotary flanger dishing-flanging
    Straightening MC 40mm plate-straightening-machine
    2500x10mm  cone roll 4-roll
    Brand New

    Conical Plate Roll

    wideconeroll 4-roll
    4R 6510 4-roll
    Brand New

    Wide plate tanker

    3R335 3-roll
    4000x150 mm 3 roll pinch  planetary heavy-plate-roll
    WT3000X60 MM 4-roll
    Sertom PP180 Sertom model PP180
    4R2500x18 mm side MG model MH2518

    2500×18 mm 4 roll

    PP80 SERGI ROLL Sergi model PP80CI
    3100x200 mm 3roll MG model MG31200

    3000X200mm 3roll

    2000X25 4Roll hydraulic MG model MH225

    2000×25 mm -4roll

    HCU3000x2mm Faccin sm Faccin model HCU3000
    AR200 Y08 MG model AR200
    AR250 MG model AR250
    IMCAR 4R 2500X18 MM IMCAR model 4RH12/4

    2500×18 mm 4roll

    4roll conicalroll 4 roll conical
    Delivery Ready

    2000×14 mm cone rolling

    3000x16mm 3roll 3-roll
    Delivery Ready

    3000×16 mm Digital

    MG 1750x40mm cnc 4-roll
    Delivery Ready

    1750x40mm CNC

    4R 1000x22mm CNC 4-roll
    Delivery Ready

    700×20 mm CNC -4 axis

    3000X35mm 4roll 4-roll
    Delivery Ready

    3000×35 mm

    2000x6 mm 4roll CNC 4-roll
    Delivery Ready

    2000×6 mm CNC-EVO

    3000x22mm 4roll_CNC 4-roll
    Delivery Ready

    3000×22 mm 4roll CNC

    3R 3100x140_200 3-roll
    Delivery Ready

    3000 x 140 /200 mm

    4Roll 2500x16 mm 4-roll
    Delivery Ready

    2500×16 mm 4 roll

    3000x15 mm 4roll CNC 4-roll
    Delivery Ready

    3000×15 mm CNC

    2000x8 mm 4roll cnc 4-roll
    Delivery Ready

    2000×8 mm CNC-EVO

    Customized application


    Section roll scratchproof

    Aluminum tubular section rolling , scratchfree with teflon rollers

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    teflon rolls

    Teflon rolls for tubular aluminum profiles

    stainless steel large diameters roll bending in vertical position

    vertical seamer for tank welding -plasma Keyhole cold wire weld

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    vertical roll

    Vertical plateroll & welding all-in-one machine

    Screw convejors plate forming

    precision and repeatability

    screw flight 1

    Helix flight bending machine

    set of rollers for pipe bending

    coil forming spiral


    Tube bending roll



    vertical roll

    stainless steel large diameters roll bending in vertical position vertical seamer for tank welding -plasma Keyhole cold wire weld Vertical plateroll with welding all-in-one machine

    Vertical plate rolling mc
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    teflon rolls

    aluminum section bending machine – equipped with teflon rollers scratchproof

    Profiles bending machine
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    CNC ellipse multiradius roll bending programmable CAM

    CNC plate roll program
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    tube bending machine heat exchanger. oil&gas plants , chemical & petrochemical refineries , heat exchanger, power plants, renewable energy.

    Shell tube roll benders
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    tube forming in half radius with rolling into spiral for application in chemical plants , reactors, heat exchanger, pressure vessels, distillation columns

    Limpet coil pipe
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    manufacturing of screw feeders and conveyors, auger flights – screw presses , helical tools drilling ground, auger cleaning device debris removal.

    Helix Forming Machine
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    6 mtrs machine

    6000 mm plate width -special roll dia. 250 mm interchangeable top roll

    Wide plate roll tanker stainless steel
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    stainless steel full bar on edge section pre-bend leading and trailing

    Prebend flange bar
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    3 roll machine 3000×120 mm -test prebending boiler steel grade high tensile.

    80 mm thick plate roll
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    4 roll machine, cone bending roll easy to form  with  quality  roundness

    Cone roll bending
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    60mm thickness on 3 mtr width. Programmable process. Nr 13 heavy rollers hydraulic controlled.

    Plate Straightening Machine
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    extended shafts front side plate rolling machine. Set of rolls interchange

    Add-on rollers pipe bending
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    square tanker cross section, alu 4 mm thickness , 2mtr wide, CNC program

    Truck tanker roll
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    oval bending, CAD/CAM programmable 4roll

    CNC Program Plate roll
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    roll flanging machine oil drum

    Flanging oil drums
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    hardox plate 40mm thick into ID2500 / ID2800 mm

    Cone heavy roll
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    aluminum silos bending 10 mm double flanged

    Flanging and Rolling
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    thick 2 mm small dia. 80 mm SS plate film coated

    Stainless cone roll
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    4 roll 2,5 mtr. up to thickness 20 mm

    Top & Side Support
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    punched bridge slotted plate roll into screen pipe 3000 x 8 mm

    Screen plate roll
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    roll bending titanium plate sheet thickness 1mm into variable radius.

    Muffler Motorbikes
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    double flanged plate 6 to 10 mm into ID5800mm

    Aluminum Silos
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    2500x6mm plate film protected outer side

    Cone roll SS small dia
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    metal panels rolling corrugated roofing

    Corrugated sheet
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    automatic-load-roll-unload sheet plates 1000×2 mm urethane 2 roll machine automatic pinch prebending fast production

    Stainless Tube Rolling
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    boiler heater pipe coil roll serpentine

    Coil tube rolling
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    inox plate roll small Ø 100mm -prebending and rolling wide cone angle

    Cone small ID
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    wheel covers panels in ss 1.5 mm thick – rolled flange on both side

    Fender truck rolling
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    conical plate rolling machine asymmetric reducer special execution material class S355 hard steel   high yield strength plate bending process to produce conical reducer  chemical processing tower.

    cone asymmetric
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    grade 355MPa high yield prebending into ID1750mm

    roll plate heavy 70 mm
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    4roll 3000x65mm bending heavy pressure vessels

    420MPa plate roll
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    bending full iron bar 120mm

    Section roll CNC
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    4 roll plate bending 2500 x 70 mm boilers manufacturing

    bolier steel 355MPa
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    high yield  500Mpa  rolling ID 450 mm

    Corten 16 mm
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    hardox plate 40mm thick into ID 2500 / ID2800 mm


    SS plate 16 mm thick  prebend ID 800 mm/1400 mm

    Cone pre-bend
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    3 roll machine 3000×120 mm -test prebending

    80 mm thick plate roll
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    steel bar 150 x 35 mm roll bending on-edge stainless full plate

    ovale piccolo

    short and heavy roll for heavy rings manufacturing with re-rolling calibration. Thickness 50 mm -dia.300 mm

    Re-roll manifold
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