3R 3100x140_200
3000x140 mm front
3000x140 mm front
3000x140 mm layout
3000x140 mm layout

3 Roll Pyramid Pinch / 3000 x 140 /200 mm

Bending capacity:
Plate width: 3000 mm
Plate thickness 140 mm
Thickness max 200 mm depending on plate width and yield strength

Technical data:
3100 mm Surface useful length on rolls
940 mm size of Top roll
840 mm size of Lower rolls
210 mm max thickness opening between the rolls

400/50 Vac voltage – rewirable 480/60
220 Hp Power electric installed

Configuration installed with the machine

Hardened surface of the 3 rolls.
Conical plate bending hydraulic attachment with hardened contrast pad.
All the 3 rolls driven with axial gearbox and motor each roll independent
Calibration system for the re-rolling of welded shells rounding unwanted flat spots.
Console electric on wheels with centralized commands joysticks and digital readout.
Opening front side hydraulic drop-end to unload closed shells.
Variable speed working slow/fast.
Emergency systems all installed in compliance with mc tools safety regulation.
Machine predisposed to take installation of extra tooling all circuitry onboard ready to connect.
1x top support ID max 5mtrs 10Ton 1 x side 10Ton support dual articulation for large ID