Applications at final user - Machines in operation

Shell tube roll benders

tube bending machine heat exchanger. oil&gas plants , chemical & petrochemical refineries , heat exchanger, power plants, renewable energy.

Limpet coil pipe

tube forming in half radius with rolling into spiral for application in chemical plants , reactors, heat exchanger, pressure vessels, distillation columns

Helix Forming Machine

manufacturing of screw feeders and conveyors, auger flights – screw presses , helical tools drilling ground, auger cleaning device debris removal.

Plate Straightening Machine

60mm thickness on 3 mtr width. Programmable process. Nr 13 heavy rollers hydraulic controlled.

Stainless Tube Rolling

automatic-load-roll-unload sheet plates 1000×2 mm
urethane 2 roll machine automatic pinch prebending
fast production

Cone asymmetric

conical plate rolling machine asymmetric reducer special execution material class S355 hard steel   high yield strength plate bending process to produce conical reducer  chemical processing tower.

Re-roll manifold

short and heavy roll for heavy rings manufacturing with re-rolling calibration. Thickness 50 mm -dia.300 mm