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47521 Cesena

Helix screw bending machine


metal forming machines for the manufacturing of screw feeders and conveyors, auger flights – screw presses , helical tools drilling ground auger cleaning device debris removal,

range of capacity outer diameter 80 to 2000 mm _plate thickness from 2 to 30 mm _Pitch from 40 to 1000 mm _ customized configuration contact for more……….

-programmable steps  on NC controller -fast and accurate production of  helices bending .

-Interchangeable  heads and blades-holder  to vary the pitch and the  height of the helix.

-Programmable  compensation spring-back of the material being formed .

-Programmable constant pitch or progressive / tapered pitch .

-External manipulator   to form  large  augers flight , robotized manipulators.