4 Roll Dual Initial Pinch / 3000×22 mm Digital

four roll capacity plate width 3000 mm
thickness 22 mm
prebend 18 mm
dual prepinching for plate prebend
technical data:
-length of rolls 3100 mm
-top roll dia. 350mm
-lower roll dia. 330mm
-15Hp electric motor on hydraulic power unit.
-Electric supply Vac 400/50 – 480/60

-Hardened rolls, finishing smooth suitable stainless steel plates
-Conical plates roll bending hydraulic.
-Power driven central rolls hydraulic with gear unit axial independent
-Synchronized hydraulic rotation between the rolls.
-Overload hydraulic protected, pinch pre-bend adjustable to eliminate the flat-spots
-hydraulic front open drop-end with top roll tiltup to remove closed shells.
-Calibration re-rolling system for welded shells
Safety devices and configuration in compliance with norms. -CE quality certification
Control console movable – electric commands with digital readout

1x Top central support 2,2Ton hydraulic control for large diameters up to ID3000 mm
1x Side arm 2Ton hydraulic control supporting the plate being formed

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