Shaft 180  4 roll
AR4_180 l
AR4_180 l

Profile Bending Roll / SHAFT 180 4ROLL

4roll dual pre-pinch section bending roll
-shafts Ø 190 mm
-Rollers size 570 mm

Hydraulic power unit self enclosed 30 Hp electric power
Voltage 3 ph Vac 400/50 480/60
Weight 19 Ton

Linear guide-ways technology with double pre-pinch
4 rolls driven hydraulic with axial gear unit each shaft individual
Set of rollers for each shaft Interchangeable to seat and bend the kind of section
Lateral arms / correctors hydraulic operated in tridimensional
Machine reversible can work with vertical shafts / horizontal shafts
Control panel electric independent with push buttons and digital position readouts.
Manuals for service and operation along with the machine in En/De/Fr
Capacity bending chart in enclosed


Capacity max.
Angle 180 mm
Bar on edge 170 mm
full iron square 105 mm
T section 160 mm
Channel 260 mm
HEB 260 mm
Tube 219 mm

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