Angle roll shafts 175
planet40 verticalshafts
planet40 verticalshafts
planet 40 capacity chart
planet 40 capacity chart
Sectionroll shafts 175
Sectionroll shafts 175

Profile Bending Roll / Shafts 175 Parmigiani

Profile bending roll Parmigiani – Model Planet 40 year 2002
-Output shafts size 175 mm
– Size of the 3 rollers 470 mm
All rolls powered driven hydraulic with axial gear unit each shaft

Hydraulic power unit Hp 30 self enclosed oil tank 400Vac/50Hz
Machine reversible can work with shafts vertical/horizontal

-Rollers universal for the various shape of profiles
-Rollers bending pipes size mm. 60-88-114 -141-168-219 mm
-Rollers angle bending leg in & leg out

Lateral arms correctors left/right side hydraulic in 3 direction,
Control panel electric with digital position readouts.

Nr. 5 external supports to align and feed long bars of profile into the machine

CAPACITY TABLE ( see enclosed )
-Angle 150 mm leg-in/out-
-Iron bar on edge 170 mm-
-Iron flat plate 270 x 60 mm
-T section 160 mm-
-Square iron bar 100 x100 mm
-Tubular hollow bar 140 x8 mm
-Beams HEA220 / HEB 180

machine controlled, cleaned, lubricated in excellent conditions

Machine dimension 2320 x 2280 x H 2050 mm weight 12 Ton