Comac 3100HV4
3100HV4 Comac
3100HV4 Comac

Profile Bending Roll / Shaft 150 Comac

Shafts 150 mm  – Size of rolls 475 mm

Power electric installed 30 Hp on hydraulic centralized unit

-3 rolls power driven  – lateral correctors  hydraulic operated in 3 directions  – digital readout indicators on the side rolls

-Set of rolls interchangeable 6 pieces to seat and bend the various shape of profiles as per capacity chart in enclosed

-Add-on guide rollers on correctors for the angle bending leg-in/ leg-out.

-Centralized control panel with electric control & digital readouts -Dual rolling speed fast/slow.
-Safety & emergency shutdown devices in compliance with mc tools reg.

-electric 3800V/50  – Weight 9 Ton

-machine in optimal working conditions, cleaned and greased tested ready for use.

Bending capacity chart max.
-flat bar on edge 150 x40 mm -flat bar on flat 250 x 60 mm -square iron bar 100 mm -round iron bar 115 mm -pipe / round tube up to 8.5” -square tubular 140 x 8 mm -tubular rectangle 180 x80 mm -angle leg-in 130 x15 mm -angle leg-out 150 x 15 mm -T section 150 x 10 mm -U channel 300×100 mm -IPE 300 x125 mm -HEA 200 –HEB180

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