4 Roll Dual Initial Pinch / 4 roll 500×20-30 mm cnc

4roll 500×20/30 mm dual initial pre-bending
Model M05CNC Nexus year 2021

500×20 mm with prepinch
250×30 mm with prepinch

-length of rolls 550 mm
-top roll Ø260 mm

-power installed 10Hp on hydraulic unit.
-Electric Vac 400/50 – 480/60
Configuration complete ready for use in production:
Hardened rolls
Power driven rolls hydraulic synchronized
Overload hydraulic protected,
Pre-pinch adjustable to eliminate the flat spot
Front open drop-end unloading closed shells.
Safety installation in compliance with norms.
CE quality certification
Control console electric with CNC_NEXUS 4 axis,
Programmable automatic roll bending, 300 programs memory storage.
Digital readout position of the 4 rolls,

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