HCU3000x2mm Faccin sm
HCU3000x2 Faccin sm
HCU3000x2 Faccin sm

/ 3000x2mm Faccin

1-one-pass rolling  with pre-bending rubber  urethane pinch roll

-Plate sheet width max.  3000 mm -Plate thickness 1mm /  2 mm  depending on the material quality and diameter.

-fully hydraulic operated  with power unit self enclosed into the machine  – 9 Kw electric  power   EUR400Vac/50

Top roll size 110 mm  *-Lower  roll  size 380 mm  urethane coated rubber

-Upper beam with adjustable pre-load to contrast the deflection of the top roll under load.

-With the beam installed the minimum rolling diameter passing above is 750 mm

-Console electric  manual/automatic programmable work sequence with digital readout.

-Hydraulic front opening for the unloading of closed shells.


-Vacuum cups lifter  plate sheet  3000 mm

-Automatic feed pusher  plate sheet  loader  into the rolls-

-Side support hydraulic operated   with conveyor belts motorized cradle system,  all parts rubber coated to  protect  the plate surface from scratches.

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